Domaine Philippe BELLE LARNAGE

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Domaine Philippe BELLE LARNAGE



Crozes Hermitage Les Terres Blanches


Crozes Hermitage Les Pierrelles
Crozes Hermitage Roche Pierre
Crozes Hermitage Cuvée Louis Belle

The estate

An ancient manor in the municipality of Larnage, 15 km north of Valence, in the heart of the northern Rhone Valley, this estate was founded in the 17th century and has been handed down from generation to generation since. But it was in 1990 that the estate was established under the leadership of Philippe BELLE. Today, the vineyard covers 25 hectares and extends over six municipalities and three appellations (Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, Saint Joseph). It consists of several different soils: clay and limestone, granite, pebbles and sandy gravel. This diversity of soils, associated with Marsanne and Roussanne varieties for white wines and Syrah for red wines, provides wines with very different aromatic profiles and tannin structures but which always combine elegance, finesse and power. The estate strives to highlight its exceptional soils thanks to strict winegrowing practices: small yields, mechanical ploughing, natural and sustainable phytosanitary treatments and manual harvesting...


25 Ha
Domaine Philippe BELLE