Maison Denis SALOMON Vandières

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New estate

Maison Denis SALOMON Vandières



Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Les Blancs de la Pente
Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut Terre Amoureuse
Champagne Brut Histoire de Famille
Champagne Brut Ma Vallée Eclairée
Champagne Brut La Belle Année
Champagne Brut L'inédite
Champagne Brut Bauchet Thomas
Champagne Brut Marot L'Echelle
Champagne Brut L'indépendante
Champagne Brut Vitalie
Champagne Brut Le Clos Barret
Champagne Demi Sec Histoire de Famille


Coteaux Champenois La Justice de Salomon


Champagne Brut Rosé de Meunier
Champagne Brut Saignée de Meunier

The estate

This Champagne House is situated in Vandières, just behind the village ramparts on the right bank of the Marne River. It was established in 1974 by Denis Salomon and has been producing champagnes since 1996. His son Nicolas took over in 2004 and installed a new vat house with all the facilities required for single-vineyard vinification as well as a new Coquard press. This wine domaine currently covers 5 hectares of vines. It is HVE (High Environmental Value) certified and has been undergoing organic conversion since August 2020. The exceptional clay terroirs of Vandières are planted with high-quality Meunier and Chardonnay vine stocks on steeply sloping south-facing hillsides. These two varietals form the backbone of Denis Salomon champagnes and are occasionally blended with juicy Pinot Noirs from Boursault and Venteuil.


5 ha


35.000 bottles
Maison Denis SALOMON